Pasternak Meets Solana

By Cristina Zabalaga. Translated by Lois Baer Barr.

Published in Central America Literary Review.

Pasternak wants to go out with Solana but doesn’t have the nerve to ask her.
For Pasternak it is easier to make lists of his thoughts and write them.
It could go like this: #Love, today I realized I love you.  Or #I want to go out with you, do you love me?
Everything started a few weeks ago at the beach.
Enormous dogs with their tongues hanging out running along the shore, Pasternak lying in the sun, the ocean, medium-sized waves, a cold beer with French fries, an ice cream and half a package of chocolate cookies. Solana arrives smiling. It’s not that she smiles at him in particular, Solana smiles in general, at her friends, at Pasternak, at the ice cream vendor.
Solana is happy.

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